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More frequent, more realistic and more challenging collective training for the British Army

Keeping our services ready to respond on an international scale so that our soldiers are fully prepared to protect, fight, engage and constrain – that’s the aim of Team Crucible, which has announced its intention to bid for the Army Collective Training System (ACTS) opportunity.

Team Crucible is forged from five mutually reinforcing partners – Babcock, Jacobs, Accenture, CAE and McKinsey & Company – who are dedicated to providing the tools, technology and expertise to underpin the British Army in its quest for more frequent, more realistic and more challenging collective training.

Speaking after announcing Team Crucible’s intention to bid for the ACTS opportunity during the opener for series two of the Warfighter Podcast, Matt Chuter, Babcock’s Crucible Campaign Director, said: “Now more than ever the British Army needs to be prepared to adapt to ensure soldiers are ready for every eventuality. They’ve got to do more with less and there’s less time for collective training. So collective training has got to be more effective, more efficient and more frequent. It’s got to be easier to train hard.

“We will work alongside the British Army, to develop a globally deployed, secure and digitally enabled collective training service, that equips soldiers with the experience and skills to meet and deter emerging threats, across multiple domains.

“Team Crucible also understands the need behind the need, which is why we will work hard to offer a secure by design, data-driven, vendor-agnostic solution that will support the development and on-going evolution of live, virtual and constructive environments that are accessible wherever and whenever they’re needed.”

Previously referred to as Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP), the opportunity is being tendered by Field Army (CGS), Defence Equipment & Support (Programmes) and the Land Warfare Centre.

Team Crucible will:

  • Enable efficient, effective and realistic collective training for UK soldiers, utilising data to provide rapid real-time feedback.
  • Provide a unique platform approach that will not replace live training, but it will augment and enhance the level of realism and challenge within live training by exploiting synthetic capabilities and enable training that can be accessed and delivered anywhere in the world at any time, 24-7, 365 days a year.
  • Enable digital fluency removing barriers, integrating data and delivering efficiencies across the collective training enterprise.
  • Team Crucible members, Babcock, Jacobs, Accenture, CAE and McKinsey & Company, have proven experience and expertise across the full breadth of the Army’s collective training enterprise.

“We understand collective training end-to-end. The breadth of our experience and expertise is matched by its depth: the open platform and the ecosystem of suppliers it supports makes for a more flexible, resilient supply chain that’s able to give the British Army access to precisely what it needs when it needs it”, continued Matt.