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Unlocking the potential of every soldier in every team.

We exist to support the Army’s ambition to ensure every British soldier has what they need to be better today than they were yesterday, and better tomorrow than they are today. To fight that much harder and that much longer and that much smarter. To fight – and win – together.

Crucible is a team forged from partners dedicated to providing the tools, technology and expertise that will power the world’s best training engine.

More realistic, more challenging training…

…thanks to an underlying data fabric designed to generate, curate and exploit data, and a platform that augments live training with the very latest virtual and constructive environments that better reflect the endless complexity of the operating environment.

Maximum value for money, minimum commercial risk…

…thanks to a platform and ethos that facilitates fast, low-cost access to the most relevant, effective solutions from across industry and academia

Training that’s available 24/7 at the point of need…

…thanks to a system that’s globally deployed, secure by design, and digitally enabled, allowing more of the Army to train for integrated, multi-domain operations more effectively, more efficiently, and more of the time.

A team
by fire

Hence the name Crucible: it’s a team that’s greater than the sum of its parts. A team with all the necessary experience and expertise to meet the need, but also a unique approach that’ll enable partnership with the Army – and with the rest of industry and academia – to exceed that need.’

Matt Chuter

Campaign Director | Team Crucible

At Crucible, our commitment is to the Army, not a set of technical requirements or contract clauses. Together, we’ll be doing whatever it takes to help the Army transform the collective training enterprise and the experience.

We’ll be building out the technological and commercial infrastructure necessary to support an ever-evolving collective training system that can adapt as fast as the operating environment evolves. Digitally enabled and data driven, this system will move as far and as fast as the Army does. It’ll ensure that more soldiers can access more relevant, challenging training, more of the time.


A different breed of training partner

A different way of thinking

Crucible’s training philosophy has been developed to meet the Army’s requirement. It prioritises enduring competence and critical thinking over tasks and tick boxes, imbuing teams with the confidence to adapt on the fly in the face of ever changing challenges.

A different level of commitment

When the Army needs to move fast and act freely, we’re right there alongside to help deliver challenging, relevant training wherever and whenever it’s needed to prepare personnel for a complex, ambiguous operating environment.

A different breadth and depth of experience

The breadth of Crucible’s collective expertise is matched by its depth. The open, unified nature of our data and synthetics platform and the ecosystem of suppliers it supports makes for a more flexible, resilient supply chain.

A different approach to data

We understand that the Army curates and processes significant amounts of data, but needs it to be of better quality, to generate meaningful insights and drive change. Central to our approach is breaking down data silos and exploiting data which will provide objective, data driven insights, resulting in more effective training outcomes.

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